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Irene M. Miller

Walk on Wings

Walking the wooded hills of New Hampshire, Helena recalls Second World War scenes from her childhood, life behind the Iron Curtain, the escape to West Berlin, and finally, her passage to America with her cello. Much later she travels to China and Uganda as a medical expert. Her free spirit fully embraces fate, whether in her astonishing recovery from a devastating cerebral hemorrhage, or in her writings and music to create a strong human connection amidst Africa's severe isolation.

Inner journeys draw Helena back to the Monadnock region of New Hampshire with its strong sense of place, searching for what is right or wrong. Courage and an ever-present awareness of the sensuality of the moment give her refreshing vitality. Living in the present, she aligns herself with her time.

Irene M. Miller, a cellist living in Harrisville, New Hampshire, is retired from the practice of medicine and has worked in Africa, China and the USA.

2013, 152 S., 10.90 EUR, br., ISBN 3-89781-217-8